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Good Quality and Easy Maintenance of Wood Burning Hot Tub


Wood burning hot tub from RG Hot Tubs becomes good choice in case you are looking for nice hot tub for your house. This is not just ordinary hot tub. It is designed for the outdoor, but it is still fine in case you want to place it inside certain part of your house. Since it is dedicated for outdoor, its quality is considered well so it will have better durability and sturdiness. When you purchase the hot tub, you already get the complete parts. You can get the unit of hot tub, its cover, log burner, and other additional parts that you will need to use it comfortably. It is very easy to use, and you do not need to assemble the complicated parts since all things are almost ready to use.

Nice and durable Wood Burning Hot Tub

Durability is highlighted in the hot tub. As what is mentioned before, this aspect is important since it is for outdoor use. Of course, there are some elements that make it durable. It has raw spruce wood as the external construction. The wood looks good since it can blend well with the nature. Then, it has sturdy and strong characteristic so water, weather, and even temperature will not become problems It can handle the situation well and it comes with cover or lid so there will not be any leaves and other debris that enter the hot tub. As for its tub interior, it uses fiberglass material with stainless steel supports. These are to make sure that the whole parts can hold the weight of water and everyone inside the hot tub.

Preparation of Place for the Hot Tub

When you decide to purchase, you may need to make some preparation before the hot tub is delivered to your house. In this case, there is no sophisticated preparation that you need to make. Basically, you only need to prepare the spot where you will place the hot tub. You need to consider the distance from the main building or other materials that can be burned easily since it uses the log burner. Then, it needs flat surface so it is better to use cast concrete that will be strong enough to hold the whole weight. When these are prepared, you only need to wait for the hot tub. Although its volume is enough for 4 people and even more, its total weight is only around 200 kilograms, so it is easy to move it.

Necessary Maintenance for the Wood Burning Hot Tub

Next part is about its maintenance. Basically, you do not need to worry about it. It is true that you need to make sure that the tub is always clean since you may need to sink your body inside it. When it is hot clean, it will cause some problems on your skins. However, its maintenance is easy. You only need to make sure that you always empty the tub after you use it. There is drainage plug on its floor and it is easy to use. When you want to wash the tub, you can use cloth or sponge so it will not ruin its smooth surface.

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