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One-Third of New Yorkers Don’t Have Internet Access

One-third of New Yorkers today do not have Internet access. Many youngsters in New York do not have a proper Internet connection. They are unable to participate in online classes conducted by their educational institutions. They face a digital homework gap especially because schools close as the corona virus. Every user of the Internet gets an array of benefits in our time beyond doubt. They are happy and confident to use and recommend their favorite and important categories of content to others. New Yorkers in our time expect a lot to improve their lifestyle.

New Yorkers seek the cheap and best Internet connection 

Many New Yorkers nowadays suffer from Zoom fatigue. They spent their workdays on Zoom and their kids attended school on Zoom. They also have had appointments with doctors by Zoom. It is a suitable time to know when we do not have access to Zoom. As per the Office of the Chief Technology Officer of Mayor, 30% of the households of the city do not have any Internet connection, and more than 1.5 million New Yorkers do not have a mobile connection and Wi-Fi. Anyone without the Internet could not participate in online classes conducted by the schools, enroll in any unemployment benefit, see a doctor, and attend a community board meeting.

Residents of many countries nowadays consider that Internet connection is one of the main things like the heat and electricity required for their home. Lack of Internet access was the important problem before Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic turned it into a crisis. It will not simply abate when quarantines end. Everyone in recent times is very conscious about how to access and use broadband and Wi-Fi. You have to get 2 extra things namely a suitable device and the know-how to use it that is digital literacy. Specialists in this sector call this trifecta the 3-legged stool of digital equity.

A lack of affordable Internet connection


Internet usage affects various aspects of our contemporary life. You have to keep in mind the difficult nature of finding an area of philanthropy that is not influenced by digital equity. Students require Internet access for completing their homework. Parents need Internet access for the high school admission process. Individuals of every age group require Internet access to book an appointment with the doctor and get healthcare support. If you are connected to the Internet, then you can become a happy audience of your favorite live streaming event.

Many New Yorkers who lack Internet nowadays live in neighbourhoods outside of Manhattan. This is because the majority of Internet Service providers declined for building the best infrastructure and competing market share in the low-income communities. There is only Internet Service Provider in many New York neighbourhoods. It creates a monopoly and increases prices further. The majority of households living in poverty nowadays do not have broadband at home. They have a lower rank of home broadband subscribership than Asian and White New Yorkers. The overall expenses of high-speed Internet go beyond the reach of such households who struggle to pay rent.

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