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What are The Astrological Benefits of Wearing Panna Gemstone?

The name ‘Panna’ is an all too familiar sound to anyone living in India, and the first thing that they would visualise is a green, glowing ember. They would not be too far off the reality, as Panna is by all means, incredibly beautiful. For those who might have not caught a glimpse of what is being talked about here, ‘Panna’ is just a local name given to the gemstone otherwise known across the world as Emerald.

Panna Gemstone is an incredibly beautiful gemstone, and mere words fall short of describing its charm and brilliance. It would be erroneous to think of Panna as a stone that originated first in India or was popularised in the country. It is in fact had a long history in multiple cultures. The Greek considered the green stone to be tremendously powerful, and even sacred. Historians have found ancient scriptures that attest to Queen Cleopatra being a hoarder of the gemstones, who loved it so much that demanded that it be the only acceptable item(s) to be presented as a potential royal gift from another empire. Coming to the Indian context, references of the stone abound in Vedic scripts, considering it to be extremely sacred.

The astrological benefits associated with Panna do not cease to amaze and multiply the charm of the gemstone. The central reason behind its immense popularity in India might well be the considerable host of astrological properties that accompany the gemstone. Reference to the stone can be found in numerous Vedic texts, which speak at length about the host of benefits and properties that the stone possesses. Ancient Greek culture is also famous to have been obsessed by the stone’s beauty and its seemingly miraculous powers. Panna gemstones are known to fall under the dominion of Mercury. They are known to be extremely helpful to people with low confidence or self-esteem, and are said to be tremendously effective in helping them overcome them. People involved in performing arts are said to prefer Panna as it helps them overcome their fears and inhibitions, a step that is absolutely necessary in order to excel in the department. Potential buyers should also be advised about its reputation of granting emotional stability to its wearer. The gem is known to be tremendously helpful in soothing the nervous system, which essentially reduces emotional impulses. By reducing impulsive outbursts, the gem is known to be helpful to those that require themselves to make important decisions on a regular basis. Such qualities are bound to prove beneficial to those situated in important posts that require adept decision-making and thoughtful handling of situations.

If you are looking forward to buying a panna for yourself, it hardly needs to be stated that you must not compromise on your potential purchase and settle only for an authentic panna. For buying authentic gemstones, including panna, you would find Khanna Gems to be the best and most convenient. With a reputation that stretches back to over three decades, there is no seller you should rather purchase from than Khanna Gems.

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