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Where to Buy Paintings by Number?

One of the most sought-after activities for quiet time these days is painting by number. With the help of paint-by-number kits, which you can buy in many stores, anyone, with some perseverance, can create a picture of any complexity.

The essence of this exercise is as follows. You buy a canvas on which areas for coloring are clearly marked with an indication of color to be applied. Numbering is used to indicate color, with each number on the canvas corresponding to a particular can or tube of paint.

Since there are a huge number of paintings that can be painted with kits, it is better to buy them in the online store Paint By Numbers Shop, because in a traditional retail store to consider all the painting is simply impossible. For example, you can buy a painting by numbers at All the more, that after the small weight of such a set, its delivery costs quite inexpensive.

Painting by numbers was invented in 1951 by American entrepreneur Max Klein and artist Dan Robbins. Max Klein, wanting to create a product in demand among the general population, wanted to find a technology that allows ordinary people who do not have special education to draw pictures.

It must be said that even the great Leonardo da Vinci used numbers on canvases to teach his students. Dan Robbins combined the idea of Da Vinci with children’s coloring books and the first set of drawing by numbers got the road to life. Klein and Robbins kits didn’t become popular right away. It took some time to attract attention to the new occupation, as well as unconventional marketing moves. For example, the Palmer Paint Co. (Klein’s firm) put up a huge billboard on the street, a large canvas divided into segments with numbers. Each day some of the segments were scarfed up and anyone could see how a beautiful painting was created from a fairly simple blank.

What is a painting by number

We love art. We watch the movements of a dancer or ballerina with rapt attention, we dry out our favorite compositions hundreds of times, and we look thoughtfully at paintings of classics. And when you love something, you try to do it yourself. Music and dance need to be studied. But with paintings, it’s much easier. And even if you’ve never been able to draw a straight line, anyone can create incredible landscapes, still lifes or portraits. This does not need art school. All you need is a little patience and inspiration. And, of course, buy paintings by number. Complicated at first glance, everyone can draw. Even a child. Here’s how to do it: the picture is divided on a canvas into many numbered sectors. Each number corresponds to a different color. Paints and a brush are included. All paints are also numbered. For example, yellow is labeled “12. Find all the “12s” in the picture and feel free to paint them yellow. Each set is tested, so there is enough paint in reserve for the entire painting. You don’t have to worry about a sector being left out. By dividing everything into small sectors, it becomes extremely easy to paint a picture. There is no risk of accidentally spoiling. It is enough just to stick to the right colors. The variety of subjects allows everyone to choose a painting by number. Landscapes of famous places, portraits of celebrities, still lifes with flowers or fruit: you can choose exactly what you like. All pictures can be conditionally divided into several levels. Depending on the number of sectors, you can paint them from a few dozen minutes (which will be great for a child, even if he is restless), to several hours. No one forces you to paint everything at once, and it is possible to work on one picture for several days, spending, for example, half an hour a day on it. And most importantly, the finished work can safely hang on the wall. Let the guests be amazed at your ability to create beautiful things!

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